Trademark Protection: From performing trademark clearance research and helping you select a trademark or domain name, to filing and maintaining federal trademark registrations, to monitoring your trademarks on an ongoing basis, to challenging competitive trademark registration applications and infringing uses, Fabian, LLC can provide all of the necessary services to ensure that your brand name and website domains are adequately protected.

    • Trademark Clearance Research and Analysis
    • USPTO Trademark Registration Applications
    • Monitoring and Enforcement of Trademark Rights
    • General Counseling Regarding Trademark Use in Advertising
    • Drafting of Internal Policies on Trademark Use in Social Media, Etc.
    • UDRP Actions and Domain Name Dispute Resolution
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Trademark Clearance and Registration: Fabian, LLC provides trademark clearance and trademark registration services for both word-only and design trademarks. Our comprehensive trademark clearance research strategy is custom-tailored to each trademark we search, and is designed to provide real-time data and analysis to allow trademark owners to make an informed decision about whether or not to adopt or purpose registration of their trademarks.

Trademark Monitoring: Fabian, LLC provides both pre-packaged and customized trademark monitoring solutions for trademark owners. We utilize a variety of alerts, resources and software applications to monitor clients’ trademarks and identify and address instances of actual and potential infringement on the web. Our monitoring data and analysis are provided in an organized, archived and reader-friendly format to allow clients to get the most out of our services in an efficient manner. You can read more about our trademark monitoring services here (note: this link takes you to our trademark-specific site,

Trademark Licensing: Expanding your brand through trademark licensing is a valuable growth strategy that involves significant implications. We can structure the license to make sure that it steers clear of any franchise or joint venture implications, while at the same time providing maximum protection for your intellectual property.

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